Wristbands will be available for every household. The wristband’s primary purposes are “admittance to the pool and certification that your dues are valid for the current pool year”.  Each wristband is also numbered per household and it serves as your identification and contact information in the event of an emergency.

All Pool attendees MUST wear wristbands at all times while using pool facilities.
Lost wristbands can be replaced for a fee. When a member forgets a wristband, it will be logged and allowed only once. After that, the member may either return home for wrist band, or purchase a replacement.
In addition to contacting James Williams or Tim White to arrange a pickup. Wristbands will be distributed at the pool during pool hours.  The Homeowner with photo identification is required to sign for and pick up the wristbands.
Wristbands will be numbered; the Shirec Board will maintain a list of valid wristband numbers and their corresponding households.

In addition, each home is allowed two (2) guests per day free.  Additional guests will be required to pay a fee.  The guidelines are below:


Age of Guest/Daily Fee

Adult - Age 13 - 61                  Fee is $8

Infants- Age 2 -  4                   No charge

Children - Age 5 - 12               Fee is $5

Senior - 61 & Over                   Fee is $5



Forgotten wristband, first time only                                    FREE

Lost wristband for family or individual members             Fee is $25

Lost wristband for senior member                                     Fee is $10