(Pool currently closed until further notice)                                                                    


Wristbands will be available for every household. The wristband’s primary purposes are “admittance to the pool and certification that your dues are valid for the current pool year”.  Each wristband is also numbered per household and it serves as your identification and contact information in the event of an emergency.

All Pool attendees MUST wear wristbands at all times while using pool facilities.
Lost wristbands can be replaced for a fee. When a member forgets a wristband, it will be logged and allowed only once. After that, the member may either return home for wrist band, or purchase a replacement.
In addition to contacting Arlene or James to arrange a pickup. Wristbands will be distributed at the pool during pool hours.  The Homeowner with photo identification is required to sign for and pick up the wristbands.
Wristbands will be numbered; the Shirec Board will maintain a list of valid wristband numbers and their corresponding households.

In addition, each home is allowed two (2) guests per day free.  Additional guests will be required to pay a fee.  The guidelines are below:


Age of Guest/Daily Fee

Adult - Age 13 - 61                  Fee is $8

Infants- Age 2 -  4                   No charge

Children - Age 5 - 12               Fee is $5

Senior - 61 & Over                   Fee is $5



Forgotten wristband, first time only                                    FREE

Lost wristband for family or individual members                Fee is $25

Lost wristband for senior member                                         Fee is $10


To Enusure Your Safety

WARNING: The pool rules exist for the safety and protection of all swimmers and Association(s)

Repeated violation of rules or vandalism will not be tolerated, and may result in lengthy expulsion from the facility. The Association will prosecute anyone caught committing any act in violation of applicable laws or ordinances.

POOL RULES/GUIDELINES-Effective 2018 Swimming Pool Regulations

1. All members are required to be current on their dues in order to use the pool.
2. All members are required to bring a pool wristband with them every time they come to the pool.
3. Pool wristbands are to be presented upon arrival at the pool to the gate attendant.
4. Attendant on duty is in charge of the pool and required to enforce the rules.
5. No pets, bicycles, skateboards, basketballs, scooters or roller blades inside the pool area.
6. No one intoxicated or under the influence of drugs allowed in the pool area.
7. Pool Attendant whistle means Stop and Listen! The pool attendant will verbally warn anyone not abiding by the rules of the pool.

If the action continues:

• First offense – the board may choose to suspend any member or guest for a 24-hour period.
• Second offense - the person will be suspended from the pool for a period of one week. A letter will be sent and a phone call or personal visit made to the parents, if

  the person in question is a minor.
• Third offense - the Board of Directors will meet to decide on appropriate action.

8. A ten or fifteen-minute break will be called each hour. All members under 18 years of age must get completely out of the water.  Only babies in adult’s arms will be

    allowed in the pool. The time of the break will vary during periods of swim
9. No running or rough play will be allowed in the pool or pool area
10. Profanity or abusive language will not be tolerated.
11. No soliciting is allowed inside the fenced pool area
12. Harassment in any form towards the pool attendant, board members or among members and their guests will not be tolerated and will result in suspension of

13. Children under 13 years of age MUST be accompanied by an escort at least 18 years of age.
14. No one under 13 years of age will be allowed in the pool area without an escort.
15. Parents or escorts must supervise their children, regardless of age.
16. Swimming diapers are required for all children not potty trained.
17. Only pool attendants are allowed to drain / fill either pool, check and add chemicals to either pool.
18. Cigarette, Cigar and Pipe Smoking are prohibited inside the fenced pool area.

      • Snuff or other smokeless tobacco is prohibited within the fenced pool area.
      • Glass Bottles are prohibited inside the fenced pool area.
      • Gum is prohibited inside the fenced pool area.

19. Regulation swimwear only is to be worn in the pool. Cut-offs, jeans and shorts are not permitted.
20. No persons with communicable or infectious diseases, rashes or sores may use the pool.
21. Swimmies and bubbles are not lifesaving devices. Parents or escorts must stay with their children if they are using these to help them remain afloat.
22. There will be no loitering allowed

Parents: Please review these rules with your family in order that we may all enjoy a  safe, happy summer at Shiloh Recreation Pool. Please remind your children that all of the equipment at the pool belongs to the members of Shiloh Recreation Association and that damage and vandalism will not be tolerated and impacts you and your neighbors!